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I love you mwatts!!

Mila please disadd me asap. Everyone should add Yulia and Emile right away and maybe you'd have more than just civilians commenting to you ohhhh burn! Ally is my favorite thanks baby I wouldn't have known without you doll. Nate I found more pictures of us together but they're bad and it's just us onstage. Where is Mary Kate she hasn't commented in a while. Matt please don't delete what can I do to make it up to you!!!

edit - unlikely lovato: you need to stop talking about me in your entries, and yes i know it was about me because someone said they told you and i don't even check your entries, they just sent me it. ive spoken to you once like a week ago, you need to fucking grow up and leave me alone, for fucking real. i dont want mila, your 'girlfriend', ew dude. all i did was make her icons because i couldnt stand seeing those ugly fucking icons on my friends page. i even told her to change the names. you know what? i dont need to explain myself to you. just leave me and my friends alone. get a fucking life because yours is revolving around someone you hardly know
unlikely lovato signed off at 6:18:03 PM.

actually I think I know Ally pretty well but thank you Tony!
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